The Queen of Death speaks

UN Population Fund director Thoraya Obaid outlined her proposals for further population reduction in a speech at UN headquarters in September 2008. Obaid treasures the insights of Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb, which predicted massive worldwide famine before the end of the twentieth century. Despite controlling a death budget of over $400 million, Obaid called for more funding for population reduction. Obaid also characterized women and children as “marginalized groups.” Feminists are experts at slicing up society to create “in” and “out” groups who can be mobilized for Marxist activism. Obaid wants to deceive faith-based groups into working with the UN Population Fund. Susan Yoshihara keeps track of the population controllers at C-FAM.

In a related story, Lisa Graas notes how UNICEF has changed its fertility policy from decreasing child mortality to support for increasing child mortality. This change in support for abortion is in violation of UNICEF’s charter. UNICEF now characterizes childbirth as “dangerous” and advocates minimizing births. Many UN agencies were founded with bland “human rights” agendas and have now contradicted their founding purposes by stating their true Communist agenda.

What’s next? Why, the end of parents’ rights, of course. The UN is pushing a “human rights” treaty that will end homeschooling and parental spanking. Children will have reproductive rights independent of parental authority. Basically, government will review all parental decisions and decide what’s best for the child. The UN has already decided that not being born is what’s best for the child. See the report at WorldNetDaily.

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