Depopulation news, February 10, 2017

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Destroying the myth of overpopulation:

Hat tip Infrakshun.

The overpopulation scam is still being spread by the Left, but other lefties are gloating that depopulation is the trend, and that is justification for wide-open immigration. Zero Hedge has some ranking of nations facing the collapse of socialism due to a paucity of workers. It’s called the Sunset Index, measuring number of workers per retiree. Have a look at who’s in trouble due to declining population.

The question for all patriots is whether President Trump can or will undo the depopulation agenda. This would include stopping chemtrail spraying, ending gmo agriculture, ceasing HAARP weather modification and weather warfare, stopping UN Agenda 30, ending mandatory vaccination and contaminated vaccines, reforming the Centers for Disease Control, and controlling the spraying of toxic pesticides as well as defunding population control programs like Planned Parenthood.

Here is a step in the right direction: Trump signs executive order banning MMR childhood vaccination for 90 days. 

Jon Rappoport, one of our best, reports that 25 percent of college students are diagnosed with a mental illness. Add treatment with psychiatric drugs and you can understand how dumbed down these kids are.


John J. Bates exposes the corrupt science used to fool world leaders into signing off on the Paris climate agreement in 2015. More here. And here.

Why renewable energy sources are a bad idea if alarmist climate-change predictions are correct. The climate-change creative writers need to come up with a new narrative.

20170126_dumb2Related: Paul Driessen destroys the “sustainability” narrative. Turns out those lefties aren’t so good at thinking.

A report on how serious the Fukushima radiation is.

Here is a follow-up report on our earlier reporting that black-eyed Satanist Christina Figueres, who controls the climate movement, is a Communist. The global Communist elites are in the process of trying to switch global capitalism controlled by Communism over to technocracy controlled by Communism. Technocracy means a centrally planned economy doing away with democracy. It will be more efficient, for them.

Who is now coming public with plans to spray our skies with chemtrails, after saying there is no chemtrail spraying?

DragonflEyes, genetically modified insects, and how your controllers will use them.

Stefan Stanford explores China’s capability for weather warfare.

Fishery crises along the West Coast. We assume Fukushima is responsible for the wildlife crisis, but others refuse to name Fukushima.

What Boko Haram has to do with Monsanto in Nigeria.

From 2010, a nice write-up of the depopulation agenda by Deanna Spingola. Who’s who and which organizations. It is rare to see this hidden history exposed.

Depopulation news, January 28, 2017

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Trump+Pepe+FlagThe Centers for Disease Control has cancelled a conference on Climate Change and Health scheduled for next month because Donald Trump got elected president. Are they worried about their swamp getting drained?

Trump has appointed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to chair of the Golden Vaccine Safety Task Force. He has fired CDC Director Tom Frieden and appointed Dr. Anne Schuchat as acting head of the CDC.

Robert Kennedy’s statement on vaccine dangers.

Quotes from Robert Kennedy’s video, 7 Minutes on the CDC.



Whistleblower at the CDC adds to charges of corruption at the CDC.

The British government has colluded with Monsanto and should be held accountable for crimes against humanity. Obama, too.

Environmental Protection Agency issues report naming pesticides endangering bees but suggests restrictions should be voluntary. We are immediately reminded of FBI Director Comey’s public statements listing Hillary Clinton’s crimes, then not recommending prosecution.

Infamous+Last+Words+1+1 2


How NOAA/NASA rig their climate data.

Al Gore was asked why his prediction in his film An Inconvenient Truth turned out to be wrong. Al has made a second film in the same vein, to be released next summer.

China wants to make it rain.

Peter Kirby, Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.

Matthias Henke, Overcast, a documentary film about chemtrails.

Steven Mosher outlines the role of Robert McNamara and the World Bank in global population reduction. Paul Ehrlich, Hugh Moore, and the feminist movement. Have you seen any marches lately favoring abortion and opposing abortion? This issue is linked closely to population reduction, not merely individual rights. But we didn’t see any discussion of this greater issue in either camp.

“It must be painful for Western feminists to contemplate, but their own movement has been used or, to use Betsy Hartmann’s term, “coopted,” by another movement for whom humanity as a whole, and women in particular, remain a faceless mass of numbers to be contracepted, sterilized, and aborted. For, despite the feminist rhetoric, the basic character of the programs hasn’t changed. They are a numbers-driven, technical solution to the “problem of overpopulation” — which is, in truth, a problem of poverty — and they overwhelmingly target women.”

But we told you years ago that feminists are dupes.

Yet another history of the population control movement, from Robert Zubrin.

Why sea surface temperatures are in the normal range. Another review of this surface temperature study.

What Are You Waiting Fir 1


Depopulation news, January 19, 2017

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David Icke lectures on Agenda 21:

Bjorn Lomborg characterizes the Paris climate agreement as a waste of trillions of dollars that will do nothing to reduce global temperature. More details at this post.

Steve Milloy has written a book, Scare Pollution, documenting excesses by the Environmental Protection Agency. These overregulators are besotted with junk science.

Whistleblowers inside the Centers for Disease Control are exposing CDC corruption. One finding: There is no swine flu epidemic, as is being reported in the Marxist media.

Claims that 2016 was the hottest year on record are based on no data.

Natural News reports on studies of climate models and explains why they are always wrong.

George Soros launches an attack on pro-life laws in Catholic countries. Because their populations aren’t declining rapidly enough?

Another look at the toxicity of psychiatric drugs.

Another doctor joins the crusade against mandatory vaccination.

Several links to stories about geoengineering.

A really interesting look into Maurice Strong’s influence on socialism in Canada, linked to stupid climate policies. There is a reason why climate policies must always involve massive transfers of wealth.

New Zeal has a piece looking into the historical connections between environmentalism and eugenics.

Margaret Sanger addresses the KKK:


News for January 8, 2017

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NoDisinfo runs down why we should fear Fukushima radiation and other nuclear radiation sources.

The CO2 Coalition has formed to report on CO2 studies and combat some of the carbon hysteria.

“This study, thus, shows the incredible level of corruption, politicization, and deceit now present in the scientific community.”

Carbon capture technologies are going to be a big deal because the UN climate agreement makes them seem necessary.

Wisconsin changes its position on manmade global warming.

France looks into gmo studies and finds conflict of interest.

Autism rates jump in California after passing mandatory vaccination law.

More vaccine scandals: Polio spreading in India from vaccines.

Another way the media are being corrupted: Making geoengineering seem necessary or normal.

Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore speaks at McGill University Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013 in Montreal. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Ryan Remiorz)

Scare Pollution: EPA’s air pollution regulations are based on junk science.

James Delingpole documents Green hoaxes and scams, calls for an end to the criminality. It’s hard to argue with crooks, James.

Obama fired top scientist, schemed about how to block congressional inquiry, to further criminal Green agenda.

Green energy fraud in Britain to cost taxpayers over a billion pounds.

China cuts Green energy subsidies due to fraud. Do you see a pattern here?

How big corporations profit from climate-change legislation.

A little good news: Federal court rules that states can regulate gmos.

Obama’s Saudi proxies have been targeting agriculture for destruction in Yemen. Well, that’s one way to kill people.


Depopulation news for December 19, 2016

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Natural News exposes the 75 scientists who comprise the phony “climate change consensus.” Most of them are from California.

Frontiers in Public Health spikes study showing vaccine/autism link.

21st Century Cures Act passes Congress. Advertised as a war on cancer, the bill allows human medical experimentation and mandates mental health screening. More here. This is another Obama screw-you special, a fast-tracked bill no one will actually read.

Vicki Batts worries that this legislation will enable early vaccination in the womb.

Harvard has some ideas about geoengineering.

William Briggs takes on the Left’s propaganda terms “reproductive health,” “sustainable development,” “the unmet need for contraception,” etc. If you didn’t know any better, you would probably fall for this stuff, too.

More ethnic diversity means lowering the quality of life. Exactly what the elites want for you.


A firsthand experience with medical censorship in the UK.

Wireless technology will be used to track every move a person makes.

Obama wind-turbine regulation allows more eagles to be killed. In this piece we learned,

“Wind power has increased significantly since Obama took office, and wind turbines as tall as 30-story buildings are rising across the country. The wind towers have spinning rotors as wide as a passenger jet’s wingspan, and blades reach speeds of up to 170 mph at the tips, creating tornado-like vortexes.”

Wind machines creating tornados? Seems a little excessive, doesn’t it?

We came across a few depopulation articles at Truth Is Treason. These are a few years old. Use them to catch up if you missed our posts on these topics.

Bill Gates Says Vaccines Can Help Reduce World Population

World Bank Threatens “Drastic Steps Necessary” if Nations Refuse Population Reduction Implementation

The Great Thimerosal Cover-up: Mercury, Vaccines and Autism

Welcome to 2030 is a statement outlining the goals of global Communism sponsored by the World Economic Forum. Guess what they have planned for you?







Obamacare mandates vaccination for all public health employees. Just a small step toward mandatory vaccinations for everyone.

News for December 1, 2016

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Whatever happened to Zero Population Growth? Did they slink off into the woods and die of embarrassment? Nope, they reinvented themselves. Now they’re called Population Connection. Sounds like a dating service, but it’s probably the same mix of forced birth limits, abortion, anti-male, anti-family, pro-pervert policies you can find at the UN, and they are brainwashing teachers. Have a look if you want to sample their propaganda. Hold your nose.

The late Stanley Monteith was a friend. We had forgotten that he wrote a piece called The Population Control Agenda. We’re not sure of the date of this piece, we think it’s 2009-ish. We have never pushed the Georgia Guidestones as an authoritative depopulation source and linked with Rockefeller and UN population reduction initiatives because we could never figure out who was behind the Georgia Guidestones. Anyway, you don’t need the Georgia Guidestones to inform you that there is a depopulation agenda, it’s written down in UN policy statements and Rockefeller Foundation funding initiatives.

“An engineered flight from human intimacy”: A look at what the population control agenda is doing to Japan. Driving a wedge of distrust between the sexes is a great way to reduce population, but it makes for weird subcultures.

Can Trump make NASA great again?

A look at the Antarctic.

Clifford Carnicom reported on chemtrail spraying back in 2003. His website appears to be reporting scientific information on this crucial topic. Keep an eye on it.

The United Nations has forecast that the population of developed countries will remain stable at 1.2 billion through 2050. But the UN is wrong because fertility rates are declining precipitously. We have covered this story many times before; now Caitlin Cheadle catches up with the trendlines and reports that half of all countries are below population replacement fertility rates. Caitlin notices this fertility decline will affect economic growth as there are fewer young workers to support larger aging populations in developed countries. But the end of her article is pretty weak; lowering costs of healthcare and education and improving technologies are not going to fix this problem because the statistics are too overwhelming. We believe socialist programs must crash into debt default as feminism crashes socialism. But thanks for the update.

Dr. Graham Downing believes huge numbers of vaccines are being developed to further the program of modification of humans to fit the transhumanist agenda. Dr. Downing ties together a variety of technologies and medical protocols that affect the frontal brain and asks whether they are being developed for the profit motive or a greater New World Order agenda to transform the human population. We hadn’t thought of these connections, but Downing’s arguments make sense if you can grasp the huge number of agencies devoted to social engineering the earth’s population. Several other related videos are available at this report from Activist Post. Hat tip to Catherine Frompovich for putting together in one comprehensive scenario what appear to be varied threats against human health and reproduction. You already know that the promoters of the New World Order are the announced enemies of humanity. Here are fresh voices revealing the connections between goals and policies.

We have warned you that the Environmental Protection Agency is not protecting any environment but is designed to control population. Daily Sheeple has a report on the EPA’s plan to introduce a toxic pesticide, dicamba, to replace glyphosate as Monsanto phases out the use of glyphosate due to pressure from various regulatory agencies.

People and the Planet, the British Royal Society’s justification for population reduction published in 2012. You are consuming too much and emitting too much carbon dioxide compared with poor people. You are also to blame for deforestation and species loss. Reducing your consumption will make you more equal to poor people and easier to control.