The Communist genocides

Posted By on June 25, 2016

The Communist genocides were one of the main methods of reducing population in the twentieth century. This subject is rarely reported or discussed, so we are pleased to discover a post at Historian on the Warpath that attempts to estimate the total number of murders. One major omission: Tibet, where the Communist Chinese genocide against the Tibetans is ongoing.

More Agenda 21

Posted By on June 15, 2016

More Alexandra Swann videos at You-Tube.

More NorthWestLibertyNews videos at You-Tube.

From You-Tube.

Depopulation in every nation

Posted By on May 29, 2016

Kevin Galalae has produced a monumental document analyzing depopulation in every nation of the world. This is a lot of data. We assume you won’t want to read all of it, but take a look at a few countries at least to get the big picture of the global depopulation agenda. There is hardly a nation in the world that has not signed on to the UN depopulation agenda.

Peace Without Poison

News update May 18, 2016

Posted By on May 18, 2016

Italy’s Minister for Health calls Italy’s declining birthrate an “apocalypse,” proposes doubling a financial incentive for couples to have children. It won’t work. NWO feminism and  gayism trump financial incentives to have children. It’s a matter of worldview, and the NWO Commies have been successful in promoting the false narrative of overpopulation and reproduction without fathers to generations of naive young girls. Italy needs a strong nationalist leader like Putin, who has promoted the reversal of Russia’s population decline. We don’t see one emerging.

Civil Society for the Family is a new pressure group put together by the Center for Human and Family Rights to counter pro-gay anti-family propaganda from the UN. Feel free to join.

The first company accredited by the EPA to sell cellulose biofuels has filed for bankruptcy. Independent Science News has the background story of fraud and deception by the enviro-weasels.

How Joan Veon discovered the depopulation agenda. Note how sure she was at first that global bureaucracies were just the right thing.









A billion people have been killed by statin drugs. Check out this video interview with Alex Jones:

Do your homework, people, and don’t trust your doctor. He’s usually following CDC and Big Pharma guidelines. Your doctor doesn’t have time to do research studies, and he’s not able to tell when studies have been fraudulently conducted.

A new film called Climate Hustle. You are already aware of the climate hustle and probably don’t need to see it. But there are lots of brainwashed sheeple out there who could benefit from a little digging behind the liberal propaganda screen, and films are the easiest way for your brainwashed friends to figure out that they have been conned. You need to visit Natural News to read the headlines anyway. (more…)

News for May 5, 2016

Posted By on May 5, 2016

ZeroHedge, of all people, has a thorough analysis of recent demographic trends and draws the conclusion that shrinking populations are reversing decades-long trends in economic growth. Funding the welfare state depends on population growth.

How the multicult responded to the Houston flood of 2016.

Colorado judge removes child from mother because she mentioned chemtrails. The judge should have read this post, on aerial spraying of vaccines and NASA’s public admission of spraying the population with lithium.

Colorado orders nonvaccinating parents to register their child with the state. The totalitarian socialists are serious about their vaccinations, and they never believed that parents have any rights.

Mark Steyn talks about his climate lawsuit. Steyn is wrapped up in a decade-long free-speech lawsuit, hence he waxes eloquent about the mindset of the climate cabal. Steyn has also been hit with hate-speech charges for criticizing Moslems. It’s sad to see one of our best caught in the socialist spider web.

How the Environmental Protection Agency funds its secret accounts. Nobody seems to know exactly what they do with the billions.

In honor of Earth Day, a review of their false predictions from the first Earth Day, 1970.

How the head of the EPA spent Earth Day: Dodging a Senate hearing on how the EPA poisoned the drinking water of the Navajo nation.

Natural News is on the latest vaccine news. Hat tip to Natural News for an interesting post.

Obamacare misses enrollment targets. There are now fewer insured than before Obamacare. 9 million more have lost their insurance than have signed up.

Uninsured are turning to short-term healthcare plans as Obamacare has become unaffordable.

The folks who worry about CO2 emissions are now more worried about biofuels than so-called fossil fuels.

How globalism puts farmers out of business and causes famines.

The cost of healthcare for illegals: $11 billion per year. What’s your share of the total?

U.S. law forbids Obama from funding the UN climate bureaucracy, but we know Obama pretty well, and we are sure he can figure out a way to break the law.

A civilian eyewitness infiltrates the 4th World Wilderness Conference and discovers Edmund de Rothschild, Maurice Strong, the World Conservation Bank, and debt for wilderness swaps. These are the folks who control the world environmental movement, and they have been in the shadows for too long.

Spanish solar company goes bankrupt. Interesting business partners.

Monsanto’s Roundup was known to cause disease as early as 1990.


Leftists Don’t Understand Complex Systems

Posted By on April 16, 2016

From Reactionary Expat at You-Tube.

Natural Society reports on two pesticides that endanger animals and humans.

Excellent reporting as usual by Dane Wigginton on how the climate engineers have engineered droughts around the world.

Natural News has something on genetically modified species as bioweapons intended for use against humanity to reduce population.

The current secretary of state for Wisconsin, Doug LaFolette, presumably a member of the Progressive LaFolette family, has written a book calling for global depopulation with a mandatory two-child policy followed by sterilization. Some enterprising journalist should ask this scumbag exactly whose population is expanding? And by what authority do “environmental activists” propose policies for other countries?

Chief Scientific Officer of UK Department of Health criticizes MMR vaccines as scandalous health hazard.

We don’t want to cover the VAXXED film controversy as we have no appetite to record the charges and counter-charges involved in the media buzz. It’s just a film. But you can get involved at InfoWars and do your own search if you care about who intimidated whom not to show the film. We trust that our position on the dangers of vaccination is clear. If you need expert advice, go to VacTruth.

Globalist foundations are set up to disperse gmo seeds through free grants into Africa to displace native species.

The UN global strong cities scam.

Hat tip Women4Truth at You-Tube.

How GlaxoSmithKline does business.

A peek behind the bankruptcy of SunEdison. Isn’t it strange that green energy projects attract quick-buck capitalists and unsustainable government subsidies in a toxic mix? No, not really. The Left doesn’t know how to actually do anything.

Rosemary Pennington has an interesting piece at National Vanguard, One Quarter of German Men Refuse to Have Children. This “poll” plays into our declining birthrate trendline reporting, but Germany is a special case because the International Jew wants to genocide the Germans, and 23 percent of men is not even the whole of the feminized male population of Germany. Still, we appreciate the reporting.

The New American takes on the green movement and sustainable development, basically covering stuff we covered years ago.

“What are these people, the population controllers, in the name of sustainable development or in the name of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, prepared to do? They are prepared to do anything. They are prepared to arrest women for the crime of being pregnant, give them cesarean section abortions and sterilize them for life.”