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News for December 2, 2017

Posted By on December 2, 2017

Elizabeth Yore and a group of follow Catholics ask President Trump to stop the Soros/Clinton/Pope Francis depopulation program.

We don’t mean to omit from this conspiracy Bill Gates, who was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation.

The socialists have been targeting the family for destruction for centuries. Their latest propaganda is that global warming would slow down if people stopped having children. Right.

50 employees at Essentia Health in Cincinnati were fired for refusing to get a flu shot.

In Australia, doctors who write an exemption from the flu shot can have their license to practice medicine revoked.

Anti Oligarch takes on the flu fear-mongering and exposes false statistics.

The Effect of Aluminum in Vaccines:

The European Union lifts its ban on glyphosate, leading Jonathan Latham to a meditation on the difficulties involved in the testing of hazardous chemicals.

EPA refuses to ban dangerous pesticide. Whose environment are they protecting?

Licia Corbella points out that manufacturing Tesla batteries creates more pollution than driving a gasoline-powered car for eight years. Not to mention those juicy government subsidies Tesla gets. But the cabal wants electric cars, and it wants you to ride with Uber drivers.

Native American leader criticizes Green Party for killing energy development projects: “We were right on the cusp of First Nations in my region being able to look after themselves.” But why would the Greens care about the Native Americans? They have bigger issues to think about than people.

Matt Landman exposes chemtrail spraying and explains how it has been covered up.

UN admits to chemtrail spraying:

UN targets agriculture as contributor to global warming, suggests plant-based diet.

Mexico bans Monsanto gmo soy.

Michael Bastasch reports satellites show no acceleration of global warming for 23 years.

Isaac Orr warns those states who are committed to supporting the Paris climate accord that they should avoid using phony Obama administration “social cost of carbon” calculations.

The 5G cell tower revolution, coming to your town:

News for November 14, 2017

Posted By on November 14, 2017

Agenda 21 and the depopulation agenda:

“Congress has already given limited authority to regulate experiments intent on altering the weather, including changing planetary albedo.”

Climate Engineering Is a Gateway to Global Government

A history of hurricane modification.

More on the government hearings here.

West coast fisheries have collapsed. We assume it’s radiation from Fukushima.

Rosemary Pennington fastens on a great idea: To stop demographic decline in Europe, promote low-cost housing. Unfortunately, the governments are giving the low-cost housing to imported Moslems.

U.S. Army sprayed civilian population with radioactive materials during the Cold War:

At UN Climate forum, African delegates believe the rich nations are ignoring their pledge for $100 billion in climate aid to Africa.

Europe’s carbon capture project has been a total failure, millions wasted.

Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris explain why the climate prediction models were wrong: faulty data collection.

Monsanto sued for wiping out millions of acres of Midwest farmland.

Monsanto banned from European Parliament.

Scientist warns about the health hazards of cell phone towers.

Flu shot proven to be completely ineffective.

Jorgan Randers (The Limits to Growth, 1972) proposes a global climate dictatorship as democracy has failed to stop climate change. These climate hustlers are all socialist totalitarian dictators.

Independent Science News has more news on these topics.

Kevin Galalae helps you choose safe milk:

Kevin Galalae helps you choose safe bread:

News for November 2, 2017

Posted By on November 2, 2017

We were displaced by Hurricane Maria and forced to relocate. Donations welcome.


The United Nations has weighed in on the Paris climate accord treaty, and James Delingpole uses the UN analysis to show that carbon reduction promises by various nations are a joke.

Tom Harris praises EPA chief Scott Pruitt for ending Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Some interesting statistics in this post.

On the relationship between cancer and the American diet.

Doctors who discovered that cancer enzymes are being added to vaccines have been found murdered.

“Vaccines, GMOs, bioengineered food and geoengineering and chemtrails are all connected, as they are delivery systems whereby this miniature technology of nanochips and smart dust is planned to be inserted into our bodies.”

How nanochips and smart dust create an electronic network inside the body that can be controlled from outside. The Smart agenda is the same as Agenda 2030 and the Internet of Things.

Dr. Istvan Marko interviewed on the global warming hoax.

Michigan mom goes to jail for refusing child’s vaccination.

Sea surface temperatures spiked cooler for September.

Conservative Swede has written a rather long post, The Red Giant, at West’s Darkest Hour where he considers the toxic effects of Christianity on the white population. His argument connects Christian altruism and universalism with the black population explosion in Africa. Conservative Swede adopts the historical error of Neoreaction, believing that secular liberalism comes from Christianity rather than from Marxism and Illuminism. But apart from this error, his argument is thought-provoking for anyone attempting to grapple with policies and strategies to preserve the white race. It calls into question a fundamental conservative Christian value, preservation of all human life. Highly recommended.

Hurricane manipulation? By whom and why? You can take a walk on the wild side guided by this post at Exopolitics.

From 2014, an overview of the Fukushima meltdown and Japanese government coverup.

We have come across insider information that the flu vaccine may be used to alter human DNA. Sounds speculative. This video provides some confirmation:

News for September 15, 2017

Posted By on September 15, 2017

“Can we not invent a way to reduce our population growth rate to zero? Every human institution – school, university, church, family, government and international agencies such as Unesco – should set this as its prime task.”

Barry Commoner

A gentle introduction to weather modification:

Flu shots are more dangerous than the flu.

Vaccinated children are significantly more likely to have a learning disability than unvaccinated children.

UNICEF now admits its polio vaccination program in Syria caused more polio cases than it prevented.

Bill Nye claims climate change causes strong hurricanes, then gets schooled by meteorologist.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt examines Obama’s environmental record and finds mostly hot air and polluted water.

Obama’s Interior Department distributed tens of millions of dollars in unauthorized payments to California bureaucrats. Oh, Scott Pruitt forgot to mention Obama’s record of fraud and corruption.

Monsanto and EPA colluded to suppress studies critical of Roundup.

“Monsanto has deliberately been stopping studies that look bad for them, ghostwriting literature and engaging in a whole host of corporate malfeasance. They [Monsanto] have been telling everybody that these products are safe because regulators have said they are safe, but it turns out that Monsanto has been in bed with U.S. regulators while misleading European regulators.”

Facial recognition is the new control technology, but experiments show disastrous failures.

S.D. Wells has put together a list of 8 carcinogenic food additives that are legal in the United States.

Roy Spencer, a scientist, wrote An Inconvenient Deception, which is outselling climate fraudster Al Gore’s book An Inconvenient Sequel.

Opioid drug manufacturer Insys is being sued by the state of Arizona for bribing doctors to write illegal prescriptions.


Colin Todhunter has a piece on Monsanto, Bayer, and the globalist agribusiness giants that are reshaping our farms and our diet based on phony science and greed.

How Monsanto and Bill Gates are screwing up agriculture in Africa.

The Vatican is now in the population control business.

Morgan Stanley did a study on electric cars and found the electricity needed to charge them causes more CO2 emissions than they save.

Professor Ivar Giaever, 1973 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, claims global warming is pseudoscience:

A bad year for global warming con artists

Posted By on August 28, 2017

William F. Jasper documents the setbacks to global warming claims at New American.

  • Global temperatures have held steady for the past 20 years.
  • NOAA and NASA have been caught altering their temperature statistics.
  • Al Gore’s new movie has flopped, full of false claims.
  • Alarmist scientists admit their computer models have failed.
  • Many scientists believe we are now entering a period of reduced solar activity and cooler temperature.

Let’s add the discrediting in a Canadian court of Michael “hockey stick” Mann, who refused to produce the data his famous graph was based on.


Australia’s Climate Modeling Laboratory issues a new study indicating recent warming was natural and below the average for the Middle Ages.

These setbacks aren’t stopping the warmists from going ahead with carbon-capture schemes. 

A look at Scotland’s wind power scam.

Roy Spencer actually sits through Al Gore’s new movie, An Inconvenient Sequel, and debunks all of Gore’s claims.

Al Gore’s claims of more frequent hurricanes have been debunked. More on this subject here.

A new documentary, GMOs Revealed.

The Carnicom Institute tests rainwater samples and finds widespread contamination from metals. Think chemtrails.

Anti-gmo laws are being overthrown in 29 states.

U.S. court rules that sudden infant death syndrome case was caused by a vaccine.

Could failure to vaccinate children allow child protective services to take away your children?

The Roomba room cleaner makes a map of your house, and the company is keen on selling your data.

World Population Growth by Max Roser and Esteban Ortiz-Ospina is a comprehensive compilation of population statistics, with commentary.

“Global population growth has peaked half a century ago, the number of babies is reaching its peak, and the age profile of the women in the world is changing so that ‘population momentum’ is slowly losing its momentum. This is not to say that feeding and supporting a still rising world population will be easy, but we are certainly on the way to a new balance where it is not like in our long past when high mortality kept population growth in check, but when it is low fertility that will keep the world population from growing.”

Yeah, that’s what we said, many years ago.

Research into solar power technology is turning up many useful new inventions.

A meditation on the difficulties of expanding wind power.

Green fraud in Massachusetts.


Smart meters designed to spy on your house.

Max Igan believes the Transhumanists are modifying our DNA to enable humans to be connected to the smart grid.

Agenda 21 update:

News for August 8, 2017

Posted By on August 8, 2017

Mike Adams suspects that vaccines are tainted to benefit the cancer industry. That is a nasty conspiracy if true.

Carey Gilliam shoots holes in the EPA’s defense of Roundup as a safe pesticide. Did you think the EPA was there to safeguard your health?


Pesticide ingredient glyphosate suspected of causing millions of cancers.

Environmental group reveals nearly all U.S. drinking water is contaminated.

Now Australia’s weather bureau is caught falsifying climate data. Also see this story that all climate data has been purposely corrupted, if you missed it.

The alarmists have a few geoengineering projects planned.

Thousands of Australians have dropped their electricity due to the high cost of alternative energy. We learned from this post how Green energy projects could be self-correcting: The high cost of energy causes people to go without electricity causes people to vote the socialists out of office in the next election.

Planned Parenthood wants to teach kids how to be transgender. This surprises no one, but consider, why would they want to push kids to change their gender? Same reason they perform so many abortions, to depopulate the planet.

TEPCO plans to dump irradiated water into the Pacific Ocean.

How the U.S. military is poisoning the environment, and it’s perfectly legal.

Mayor of Tangier Island schools Al Gore on nonexistent sea-level rise:

“Our island is disappearing, but it’s because of erosion and not because of sea level rising, unless we get a seawall, we will lose our island. But, back to the question, why am I not seeing signs of the sea level rising?”

Add these eight healthy foods to your diet.