Overpopulation? Do the math

Posted By director on April 19, 2014

The following article is reprinted from Simply Shrug.

As many have come to expect, I typically deal with financials and numbers. I am not an economist or CPA or even MBA by trade; I am an engineer, so I actually understand numbers, rather than merely pushing them around. And most of the last editorials have been about finances, but I felt it was time to take a short respite and address a different topic for today.

Recently, as I prepared for another jaunt to my second home in Shanghai, China, a friend of mine asked about the population of that nation. I answered it was somewhere beyond 1.3 billion people at the time, and that China, India, and Southeast Asia together combine for just over 3 billion people. (more…)

The decline of Europe

Posted By director on March 21, 2014

Pat Buchanan catches up with European fertility rates and estimated population decline.

A little public resistance is popping up.

Rothschilds control weather reporting

Posted By director on February 13, 2014

Something is up with the weather, and it isn’t global warming or climate change. Governments control the weather, and the Rothschilds control reporting about the weather. Check out the reporting at Snippets and Snappets.

Bilderberger population control plan

Posted By director on February 13, 2014

Daniel Estulin, now famous as a Bilderberger researcher, exposes population control plans leaked by a Bilderburger insider at The Common Sense Show.

Obamacare is globalist population control

Posted By director on February 13, 2014

J.B. Campbell at American Defense Party traces Obamacare’s policies to UN medical classification mandates. Add IRS spying and enforcement and you have the perfect totalitarian control system. Many observers are noticing that the U.S. health system is not promoting optimum health but rather is promoting treatments with poisonous vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. Why sign up?

The Japanese fertility dilemma

Posted By director on February 2, 2014

A relatively new blog, Bloody Shovel, muses about the Japanese fertility problem, which is also the developed world’s fertility problem.

Remember when you were taught that educating women helps reduce fertility rates and hence solves the world’s overpopulation problem? Well, since there isn’t any overpopulation problem, just a low fertility problem, the problem of persuading educated women to reproduce now has become an enormous obstacle to preventing population decline. We appreciate Bloody Shovel’s analysis of female mating patterns. Helps to explain why everything involving women has gotten so bizarre.