Leftists Don’t Understand Complex Systems

Posted By on April 16, 2016

From Reactionary Expat at You-Tube.

Natural Society reports on two pesticides that endanger animals and humans.

Excellent reporting as usual by Dane Wigginton on how the climate engineers have engineered droughts around the world.

Natural News has something on genetically modified species as bioweapons intended for use against humanity to reduce population.

The current secretary of state for Wisconsin, Doug LaFolette, presumably a member of the Progressive LaFolette family, has written a book calling for global depopulation with a mandatory two-child policy followed by sterilization. Some enterprising journalist should ask this scumbag exactly whose population is expanding? And by what authority do “environmental activists” propose policies for other countries?

Chief Scientific Officer of UK Department of Health criticizes MMR vaccines as scandalous health hazard.

We don’t want to cover the VAXXED film controversy as we have no appetite to record the charges and counter-charges involved in the media buzz. It’s just a film. But you can get involved at InfoWars and do your own search if you care about who intimidated whom not to show the film. We trust that our position on the dangers of vaccination is clear. If you need expert advice, go to VacTruth.

Globalist foundations are set up to disperse gmo seeds through free grants into Africa to displace native species.

The UN global strong cities scam.

Hat tip Women4Truth at You-Tube.

How GlaxoSmithKline does business.

A peek behind the bankruptcy of SunEdison. Isn’t it strange that green energy projects attract quick-buck capitalists and unsustainable government subsidies in a toxic mix? No, not really. The Left doesn’t know how to actually do anything.

Rosemary Pennington has an interesting piece at National Vanguard, One Quarter of German Men Refuse to Have Children. This “poll” plays into our declining birthrate trendline reporting, but Germany is a special case because the International Jew wants to genocide the Germans, and 23 percent of men is not even the whole of the feminized male population of Germany. Still, we appreciate the reporting.

The New American takes on the green movement and sustainable development, basically covering stuff we covered years ago.

“What are these people, the population controllers, in the name of sustainable development or in the name of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, prepared to do? They are prepared to do anything. They are prepared to arrest women for the crime of being pregnant, give them cesarean section abortions and sterilize them for life.”

News for April 4, 2016

Posted By on April 4, 2016

The Daily Bell has a short think-piece on alternative energy in the era of low oil prices. Raptorman believes lower energy use has been mandated for the future, and that means population reduction. We are linking these stories because we would like you to think in terms of food supply and energy supply influencing population. Reducing population is not simply the program of birth control, sterilization, and abortion of Planned Parenthood, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the United Nations. Other factors are in play.

Lisa Haven believes she knows why Wal-Mart is closing stores–as a result of pressure from the UN to drive people out of rural areas. Agenda 2030 in action. Agenda 2030 from the UN mandates restricting human access to rural areas and relocating population to cities, where they can be more easily controlled.

Truthstream Media translates the language of Agenda 2030 into language we can understand.

New Mexico passes law to protect kids for forced psychiatric drugging. Hope this starts a trend.

The Method by Theodore Dalrymple compares a novel about a dystopian state with the WHO’s totalitarian socialist health mandates. If you ever felt uneasy about “wellness” campaigns, this short piece will explain for you the Orwellian intent of socialized medicine.

While meditating on the EPA’s role in poisoning Flint, Michigan’s drinking water, it’s good to remember the EPA’s takeover of all running water in the U.S., ostensibly for the purposes of ensuring clean water. HA! What is the EPA good for? Answer: Totalitarian control.

Apple, Google invest in green energy. These guys are smart visionaries, right? Oops, maybe not so much.

How Monsanto poisoned our honey supply.

And our beer.

The Complete History of Monsanto.

World Wildlife Fund joins with Monsanto to rape the Amazon rainforest.

How Monsanto pays off “independent” scientists to promote gmo.

Huge spike in infant deaths reported following flu shot to pregnant women.

Obama doesn’t get enough credit for being a thief, and green projects don’t get enough credit for being taxpayer rip-offs. Totalitarian Collectivism takes a look at some of the financial figures. Don’t act surprised, theft is what the Left is all about. Green Corruption has more.

If you want to make money, go into the climate fraud game. Or politics.

Seattle sets up a scheme to fine residents who waste food. We think this is coming from another big-brother control bureaucracy called ReThink Food Waste.

Big Pharma’s drugs kill lots of people, when taken as directed. Antidepressants are more dangerous than reported, and less effective.

No global warming for the past 16 years.

Yale University closes down Climate Change Institute. It was all about the money.

Jay Dyer has some thoughts on movies, zombies, robots, and depopulation.

Jarosław Ostrogniew writes about what it’s like to work with socialist bureaucrats in The Left’s Hollow Empire at Counter-Currents. Few of us get a chance to work for an ngo or EU bureaucracy, we would rather do something productive with our lives. We suspect these bureaucrats are idiots; Ostrogniew confirms our suspicions and supplies the details.

Michael J. Murphy on geoengineering

Posted By on March 25, 2016

Michael J. Murphy, film director for What in the World Are They Spraying?, gives a preview of his new film and talks about geoengineering politics.

Wake me up when globalism ends

Posted By on March 14, 2016

Hat tip Major Dundee at Morgoth’s Review.

The rise in mortality rates among white men.

Why women destroy civilizations

Posted By on March 5, 2016

Feminism is depopulation. There are no good ideas on the Left. From Sydney Triads.

Depopulation news, Feb. 18, 2016

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Keeping an eye on Bill Gates: Dave Hodges has an expose on the Ebola virus and the U.S. Department of Defense’s partnership with Monsanto to develop a vaccine. The Ebola vaccine will be distributed through The Global Fund, and that is where Mr. Gates comes in. Potential profits and population reduction? A lite criticism from the Left.

A writer who calls himself Grain covers a UN Food and Agriculture Organisation symposium and assesses who is exerting the most influence over UN global ag policies. Hint: gmo.

How Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide attacks cell function. More on this subject from Dr. Matthew Buckley at Radio 314.

A little good news: Monsanto lays off 16 percent of its workforce as sales decline and organic food sales rise.

Ben Swann looks into the vaccine/autism connection. The scientific dictatorship has decided to genetically engineer monkeys with autism for study. Heartless.

The vaccine/depopulation agenda in Africa. Jon Rappoport is a dedicated reporter on this subject. Hat tip.

James Corbett interviews NWO researchers at the Corbett Report. This one is about the CIA funding research into the weaponization of weather.

WmCaseyThe Italians are getting on board with the expose. Their documentary is Chemtrails: The Secret War.

The Paris climate accords that agreed to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and hinder plant growth will cost almost $500 billion per year, on average. We know the money is coming from the “rich nations” (up to their eyeballs in debt), but where is it going? Kakistocracy answers: Africa. Great writing.

“Drought in Africa…who ever heard of such a thing before Americans began driving SUVs?”

Peter Kirby is involved in exposing the government’s chemtrail projects. Summary article.

Federal land grabs are guided by Agenda 21 goals to get people out of rural areas. Federal mismanagement of forests appears intentional.

Socialist perverts in England snoop into kids’ private lives. Child abuse.