Foreign aid and population control

Posted By director on September 12, 2014

Dprogram offers more case studies of how international aid programs have been tied to population control.

NWO means end of natural earth

Posted By director on September 8, 2014

We are pleased to recommend a website devoted to the evil plans of the NWO environmental controllers, Among the highlights:

Quotes from Zbignew Brzezinki’s book Between Two Ages, 1970.

Links to Jesse Ventura’s HAARP video and The History Channel’s chemtrails videos.

Documenting earthquake warfare.

R. Michael Castle’s Natural Earth, 2003, outlining environmental changes through chemtrail spraying. Edward Teller’s chemtrail plan, Project Cloverleaf, drought inducement, aircraft damage from flying through grit plumes, benzene carcinogenicity, extinction of rhizobacteria.

Mass mind control using microwaves.

Manmade diseases.

Learn the real environmental agenda here.

Feminist population reduction

Posted By director on August 23, 2014

You already know that feminism is population reduction, but did you know the population reduction is supposed to apply to males only?

Femitheism is the name of this new movement. But it isn’t new. It’s Mary Daly feminism repackaged. We wrote about this in 2010, The plan to kill off men.

Catch up with current feminist thinking at From the Trenches.

Abortion is also personal

Posted By director on August 20, 2014

Investigating the hidden history of population control and studying statistics has left us with a gap. Population control is not just about groups.

Abortion is personal.

We confess to not knowing any women who have had an abortion (or at least were willing to talk about it.) We assume, without understanding exactly how, that abortion has a shock effect on the female psyche.

We were pleased to discover a little anti-abortion rant by Stephanie, How Fake Feminism Has Turned Women into Sheeple. Not a study, just an opinion.

We have also noticed that women are more violent, but we’re not sure exactly what they’re angry about since socialism has taken over and women have rights unimagined in human history.

They even have the right to abort a fetus without consulting with the father.

This “right” is based on the “right to privacy,” even though feminism is Communism and operates under the slogan that the personal is political. As socialism develops, we expect this little wrinkle of freedom of choice to disappear. There are too many Big Thinkers devoted to reducing population who want the government to regulate who reproduces.

Of interest:

The Fatherless Generation. Just statistics. The future of the family is not bright.

Why Does the U.S. Government Have an Office of Population Affairs? Hint: The government is never interested in increasing the population.

800 scientists demand end to gmos

Posted By director on August 9, 2014

Natural Society has the story. Opposition to gmos has been building since 1999.

How scientists think

Posted By director on August 8, 2014

A scientist working on development of an Ebola virus vaccine explains the answer to overpopulation.

From Common Sense Conspiracy.