Headline news April 6, 2015

Posted By director on April 6, 2015

International science agency points to Roundup and other pesticides as cancer-causing agents. However, banishment is up to individual countries. Don’t expect any action on this report.

Monsanto lobbyist claims Roundup is safe but refuses to drink it. Got heem. Public confrontations are effective, folks. Don’t hide your light.

Australian scientists find Roundup causes endocrine disorders.

Monsanto lobbyist fired from food journal. (Small victory.)

Las Vegas Tribune reports mass illnesses due to chemtrails. Don’t miss the links at the bottom of this article.

Canada joins U.S. in censoring studies critical of vaccines.

New Jersey vaccination law makes sure no one left behind. Your freedom and individuality are sacrificed to the liberal collective. Unless you’re gay and have AIDS, then you have rights.

China stiffs Monsanto, builds own seed industry.

The mental health industry is part of Big Pharma, Big Agriculture. Phony politicized mental health diagnoses are part of the Stalinist heritage of the Left. Don’t get caught in their prison camp.

Children removed from families by Child Protective Services end up in sex trade. This is a huge problem in England, where the pedophiles are well protected by the masonic legal system.

National Academy of Sciences advocates genocide

Posted By director on March 14, 2015

…the authors are advocating that 5 billion people be eradicated from the Earth, a notion they acknowledge is “politically sensitive.” Well, thanks for that at least. We thought for a moment you might be out to kill people.

Paul Joseph Watson reports on the latest enviro-thinking about how to reduce the earth’s population. Guess who’s behind it? That old dragon, never been right about anything Paul Ehrlich. How do they want to do it this time? A draconian worldwide one-child policy plus pandemics. How these guys arrived at the 1-2 billion number for those allowed to survive is not exactly clear. Strains on natural resources? Well, Paul, you could check on the low prices of commodities if you are REALLY worried about natural resources.

“…overpopulation ceases to be an issue past 2050 and in fact the real problem becomes underpopulation.” But don’t count on these murderous enviro-weasels to change their tune after 2050 and give people back their freedom. To them there’s no such thing as underpopulation. And that “sustainability” criterion is infinitely elastic to redefinition.

Pure evil. Here is how well China’s one-child policy has worked.

Vaccines are a war against population

Posted By director on March 14, 2015

Barbara Fisher explains the hysteria behind vaccination at National Vaccine Information Center. You ought to understand the vaccine war because it’s coming down now.

Like in California.

Centers for Disease Control, Elizabeth Warren lie about vaccines. Mike Adams at Natural News is on it.

Merck falsifies tests for effectiveness of its mumps vaccine. Tip of the iceberg, fraud is rampant at Big Pharma.

Links for March 11, 2015

Posted By director on March 11, 2015

The Feds have approved a genetically modified apple. Yum.

Barbara Peterson on Monsanto dirty tricks at Farmwars.

Polish farmers protest against gmos.

More Barbara Peterson research. Nice work.

Russia calls gmos “biological warfare.”

Agribusinesses try to make you think “the scientific debate is settled.” Just as with global warming. A big clue to dirty research is to investigate who funds it.

What happens to scientists who try to publicize the the dangers of gmos.

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steve Druker. The FDA is corrupt, sorry.

Speaking of dirty tricks, notrickzone lists 129 global warming scams and scandals.

A court in Italy rules that vaccines can cause autism. Hmmm. More on children damaged by vaccines.

The human cost of psychotropic drugs.

Michel Chossudovsky, The Globalization of Poverty.

Bad people doing bad things

Posted By director on February 11, 2015

This story is a little hard to believe. Michael Bastash reports from The Daily Caller that the EPA has been testing pollutants on children.

“Not only has EPA been caught violating the letter and spirit of virtually every national and international code, law and regulation for the protection of human subjects in medical experiments developed since World War II,” said David Schnare, an attorney with the Energy and Environmental Law Institute, the group that has released the documents. “They have done so in shocking style, abusing the most vulnerable people of all, children.”

Gee, why did they do that?

World Truth TV claims that the U.S. government has been developing an aerosol vaccine called FUNVAX designed to control thoughts and behavior. This post connects chemtrail spraying with aerosol vaccine spraying. This story sounds like pure imagination, except it comes from Natural News with some documentation, and Natural News is generally credible.

To us this sounds like a research breakthrough to be used when the government decides to make a whole population ill. We don’t see any hard evidence the strategy has already been used. But it makes you think…how would they most efficiently take down an entire population?

RT is blaming the near-extinction of monarch butterflies on Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller.

We’ll miss monarch butterflies. It will be a different world without them.

The news media are promoting vaccines as safe, and mandatory, but Before It’s News has a list of harmful ingredients added to vaccines.

We doubt that the major news media report the truth, anyway.

New Euro-Med has a piece on Globalist population reduction strategies. Susan Duclos has a little more on the same topic.

Ronnie Cummins on gmos.

Prevent Disease is our new favorite website.

The global food cartel

Posted By director on January 29, 2015

From 1985, a report on the global food cartel at Executive Intelligence Review. One aim of the oligopoly is to destroy the small independent farmer.

“Free trade” is really a scheme by the cartel to control agriculture in every country around the world. Take India, for example.