Depopulation news October 13, 2016

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Big pharma is organized crime:

Remember those predictions there would be no Arctic sea ice in 2016?

Hillary Clinton arranged for Chinese vaccines to bypass U.S. vaccine testing requirements.

Natural News links childhood allergies to ingredients in vaccines.

Bill Gates uses naive Indian girls to test vaccines. 5 dead.

Proof that vaccines are linked to autism.

Criminal global elite propose a tax on newborn children as a response to “climate change.” is an arm of Obama’s police state. Obamacare is actually a surveillance program. By the way, the Affordable Care Act authorizes the federal government to implant a tracking chip into everyone enrolled.

The more solar and wind power, the more likely the electricity grid fails.

How the Centers for Disease Control plans to expand the police state.

Chemtrail spraying used to simulate climate change, reduce world’s population.

Ooops, glyphosate in vaccines.

How Indonesia tries to curb the gay agenda.

The least you can do: Boycott 5 evil global corporations.

Now that Wikileaks has released tens of thousands of Democratic party emails, isn’t it strange that not one email discussed climate change, the number one priority of the Democratic Party? Is that because they all know it is a hoax and there is nothing to say?


Depopulation news, Oct. 2, 2016

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thuuHawaiian Libertarian recounts his experience getting vaccinated. Don’t expect doctors or nurses to tell you the truth about what they are injecting in your arm.

Manhattan Contrarian exposes the false science at the basis of the EPA’s mandate to curb global warming.

Michigan cancels Flint’s ability to sue the state over contaminated water. Hmmm. Could there be corruption in Michigan politics? Sure, the state is run by black Democrats.

Emails reveal Monsanto’s role in suppressing Seralini gmo study.

Tolerance Lost: Why every vaccine is dangerous.


Donna LaFramboise exposes the IPCC doctored global warming data scam.

How WiFi contributes to depopulation.

Global Research has a post on HAARP and weather warfare, from 2010.

Globalist Mexican president intends to impose gay marriage on Mexicans. 400,000 protest. More coverage.

The transgender rats nest in Canada.

How Monsanto will get around the “gmo” label.

Monsanto to go on trial for ecocide in The Hague in October.

Media celebrate child sex-change operations.

Depopulation news, September 16, 2016

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Liberals like to differentiate themselves from other folk by claiming that they believe in science, whereas others don’t. Next time you engage, you can present your liberal friend with the results of this study conducted by Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital Paul McHugh. There is no scientific basis for transgender identity.

“The hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex — that a person might be ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ — is not supported by scientific evidence,” stated the researcher.

So, all those drugs and medical procedures are, uh, superfluous and unnecessary. There aren’t that many transgenders, but we would like our tax money not to be spent on, uh, cutting and pasting other people’s gender stuff. It’s medical malpractice.

The University of Colorado is offering a course on climate change and warns students there will be no discussion of reality:

“We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change.”

Well, it has been debated many times elsewhere, so if you want to inform yourself, you will have to go elsewhere. Students should not have to pay for a course like this. In fact, with the quality of education liberals are offering, no one should ever pay a dime for college. Hope we don’t sound like Bernie Sanders, we are referring to the poor quality of education under socialism.

We have zero interest in prophecy, so we rarely visit Christian websites, and we don’t draw from the Book of Revelation as a basis for predicting the New World Order. Feel free to indulge yourself, but we are all about documented evidence of planning and organization here. Somehow we got linked to, and we discovered an excellent history of weather modification. We recognize the name Barbara Aho and recall having read her stuff before, though we can’t recall citing her work in a post. Anyway, this post is so good it’s a building block. It cites government papers outlining research milestones and a pathway to weather warfare dominance. Just what we were looking for. Hat tip, excellent research.

Australia has a NWO watchdog, senator-elect Malcolm Roberts. He is representing a party called New One Nation. He is calling out the UN on phony climate change and is trying to get free speech curbs rolled back so the nation can have an honest discussion about climate change proposals and immigration. We haven’t felt so positive about Australia in a long time. All of their politicians have been NWO matrix vampires lately.

A website called Aircrap reports the CDC is proposing a federal regulation that will allow them to stop and forcibly vaccinate all citizens.

A little good news: Dane Wigginton and friends are going to file a lawsuit against the big boys in the government to stop chemtrail spraying.

ZeroHedge reports that Obamacare subsidies require no documentation. Yep, an open invitation to fraud.

John B. Wells discusses the vaccination documentary Vaxxed:

From John B. Wells at You-Tube.

How the Japanese stopped plans for foreign immigration.

How global warming becomes the justification for population reduction, if you can follow Left Loon Logic.

StopTheseThings is a website devoted to windpower fraud in Australia. Why none of the sunshine and wind schemes are going to work. But once again, you have to pierce through the false claims of the Left, which is tiring donkey work. Hat tip. Did I mention I was feeling better about Australia?

Obama uses executive order to keep fishermen out of Hawaiian waters.

How did St. Paul, Minnesota schools turn into cesspools of chaos and violence? Diversity.

We had always thought of American Thinker as mainstream conservative, but his recent post Reconsidering the Female Franchise is loaded with arguments against allowing women to vote. This is old ground for NWOU students, and American Thinker fails to offer much on the history of feminism, but we’re taking note today that American Thinker, for one, is shifting toward white nationalism.

“Women have had the vote in the West for almost 100 years, and all they have done is vote to destroy and destabilize the world men built for us, while protecting themselves from the blood consequences. They have voted selfishly, rapaciously, irrationally and quite possibly, irrevocably.” She concludes categorically: “As long as women can vote, the great liberal civilizations built by men are going to fall.”

21stCenturyWire has a piece summarizing the population control movement, which includes this video from InfoWars. Think of it as a mid-term review.

Natural News takes a look at gmos in international trade as nations increasingly divide into pro and con.


The new economic reality: fertility decline

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The New Economic Reality: Demographic Winter Part 1 and 2

Explains why the fertility rate decline is more important than the population growth rate increase. The lag time for population decline because of lower fertility rates is about a generation.

Source: weltarchive4 at You-Tube


News August 27, 2016

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Dr. Helen Wallace talks about the threat of gmos:

From Philosophers Stone.

Gmos and gene driving. Being used more and more.

The Hillary Clinton/Margaret Sanger connection and black population reduction.

From Nephtali1981 at You-Tube.

EPA refuses to study the effects of ethanol, as required by law. Environmental Protection Agency is an Orwellian term. They’re not about protecting any “environment,” they are about regulating the population. You wouldn’t imagine there would be, like, one good government agency in a socialist government, would you?

EPA is buying body armor, assault gear. To protect the environment? Probably not.

EPA chief fails basic math. Isn’t it awful being governed by stupid feminists?


Christiana Figueres, the UN’s climate expert of the moment, likes Communism. No surprise there. Are there any enviros who don’t like Communism?

Christiana Figueres has a very satanic-looking face, doesn’t she? Try to get a look at the eyes of world leaders. Dead eyes are a sign of satanic possession.

Here’s another dead eye photo. Those dead eyes mean, they can lie to you, no problem. No conscience.



By the way, Kali Tribune had a piece titled, Do You Really Want to F. with Me, Christiana? that meditates on the slimy, banal pronouncements of international elites. We don’t buy the seduction metaphor, but we agree the elites and their minions know they are lying. We’re just not sure the regular folks have grasped the lie because we note from polls that a large majority in Europe support the EU, and half the country supports Hillary for president. Click on over to see some of the other ridiculous pronouncements of the treasonous global elite.

More carbon dioxide means a greener planet. Yep, science and common sense agree. The Left has its own special, doctored version of science. It’s called pseudoscience.

What they do is get ahold of some outlier, and then everybody runs with the same error. Pretty soon you have a “consensus” based on a faulty source. That’s how the herd mentality of the Left operates. Here’s an example. Then the honest people have to work twice as hard to expose the Left’s lies, when they could be spending their time building civilization. That’s why the Left isn’t Progressive, it’s Regressive.

Rosalind Peterson addresses the UN on the dangers of chemtrails.

Oregon legislates the end of coal. We hope global warming hits Oregon hard pretty soon, otherwise there are going to be some cold winters without coal.

The IPCC was biased from the beginning, then conducted fraudulent science.

A look at the Canadian Stalinist David Suzuki. He used to have a good reputation, now he’s ruined it.

Former head of the IPCC is charged with sexual assault. 

Fukushima fallout: Canadian mussels dying from new kind of cancer.

Zero Hedge goes demographic, predicts “death cross” (more elderly than young people) for each country. Falling fertility rates mean feminism must crash socialism, but we don’t have time to wait. Maybe debt defaults will crash socialism first?



Kim du Toit offers observations on accelerating population growth in Africa, the difficulty of establishing civilization in Africa, and why you shouldn’t allow Africans into your country. You can understand why Bill Gates would like to sterilize Africans, but there’s a more honest way to do it than loading vaccines.

Exposing the FDA

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Gary Null has made a documentary film exposing the anti-human practices of the Food and Drug Administration:

From TheHealthRanger at You-Tube.

Consumer resistance to higher electricity prices is causing governments to cut subsidies to solar and wind projects, and as subsidies are cut, demand for these inefficient energy projects is plummeting.

Europe’s experiment with wind and solar power subsidies has been so awful that it threatens to deindustrialize Europe.

The Democratic Party’s response: raise the cost of oil and gas with a carbon tax to close the gap between cheap oil prices and expensive renewable prices. Funny, the Democrats’ response to everything is, take more of your money.

A study indicates that electric-powered vehicles pollute more than gas-powered vehicles.

Trying to explain the Marxist position on abortion. You could say, it’s flexible. Or confused.

A Satanist describes satanic abortion rituals.

“All the aborted babies are dedicated to Satan.”

Trace Amounts is an anti-vaccination film.

A few doctors come out against vaccines. They actually did their own research.


How enviro-lawyers sue the government and get paid to create new enviro regulations.

Lawrence Murray at The Right Stuff spends a lot of time mapping white population replacement in the U.S.

The Soil Association in Britain is trying to stop pesticide spraying in order to get glyphosate out of bread.

“Wheat harvest will start in the next few weeks, and we are asking bread companies to act now and put a stop to glyphosate as a pre-harvest desiccant in their supply chains.”

Natural News is worried, as we are, that the U.S. government is using weather warfare to cause drought, and starvation, in other countries. Russia may be one of those countries targeted.

We didn’t think it was possible, but the Left continues to get even more perverted.

Speaking of which, doctors who prepare kids for sex change.

We are feeling really sad about the victims of liberalism, so we’re going to stop for today.