Exposing the FDA

Posted By on August 20, 2016

Gary Null has made a documentary film exposing the anti-human practices of the Food and Drug Administration:

From TheHealthRanger at You-Tube.

Consumer resistance to higher electricity prices is causing governments to cut subsidies to solar and wind projects, and as subsidies are cut, demand for these inefficient energy projects is plummeting.

Europe’s experiment with wind and solar power subsidies has been so awful that it threatens to deindustrialize Europe.

The Democratic Party’s response: raise the cost of oil and gas with a carbon tax to close the gap between cheap oil prices and expensive renewable prices. Funny, the Democrats’ response to everything is, take more of your money.

A study indicates that electric-powered vehicles pollute more than gas-powered vehicles.

Trying to explain the Marxist position on abortion. You could say, it’s flexible. Or confused.

A Satanist describes satanic abortion rituals.

“All the aborted babies are dedicated to Satan.”

Trace Amounts is an anti-vaccination film.

A few doctors come out against vaccines. They actually did their own research.


How enviro-lawyers sue the government and get paid to create new enviro regulations.

Lawrence Murray at The Right Stuff spends a lot of time mapping white population replacement in the U.S.

The Soil Association in Britain is trying to stop pesticide spraying in order to get glyphosate out of bread.

“Wheat harvest will start in the next few weeks, and we are asking bread companies to act now and put a stop to glyphosate as a pre-harvest desiccant in their supply chains.”

Natural News is worried, as we are, that the U.S. government is using weather warfare to cause drought, and starvation, in other countries. Russia may be one of those countries targeted.

We didn’t think it was possible, but the Left continues to get even more perverted.

Speaking of which, doctors who prepare kids for sex change.

We are feeling really sad about the victims of liberalism, so we’re going to stop for today.


Depopulation news, August 6, 2016

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John B. Wells interviews Jack Sen, formerly of the UKIP party, on Moslem immigration to England.

Hat tip John B. Wells at You-Tube.

Population Research Institute examines population trends in 2015.

“While the number of deaths will outnumber the number of births in Europe by 3.2 million between 2015 and 2020, that number is set to quadruple by mid-century. Japan and ten European countries are set to see their total populations decline by more than 15% by 2050.”

Green Corruption Files investigates Green Gangsters and identifies … (no surprise) Democratic Party politicians.

“In following the money, we found that the winners of the “green” are those with meaningful political connections to the president and other high-ranking Democrats and/or their friends –– individuals who were campaign bundlers, fundraisers, top donors, members of Obama’s National Finance Committee, and/or large donors to the Democratic Party, with some even catapulting to “green” advisors, many of whom raised money for President Obama again in 2012.”

An outfit called Byebyebluesky is putting up billboards warning about chemtrails.

Government spending on Obamacare rises by 50 percent over estimates.

Aetna to pull out of Obamacare.

Obamacare death panels: Medicare refuses to provide cancer treatments for anyone over age 75, but end of life planning is mandatory.

War criminal Obama seizes the power to murder anyone:

Hat tip B1u3Dr4g0n Ex931m3nt

A brief look at population control in India.

Monsanto’s Roundup is poisoning Lake Erie.

Depopulation news, July 25, 2016

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AeroFarm’s vertical farming promises to improve crop yields.

A report on International Planned Parenthood Federation.

“Every child is our child.” Motto of the United Nations Childrens Fund

Obama has just formed a global partnership with the UN to take away parents’ rights. The initiative will involve more data-gathering, which means an expansion of the global police state.

China is purchasing U.S. agricultural assets at an increasing rate. China’s purchase of Smithfield Foods last year means that it controls the processing of 32 million pigs per year in the U.S. China plans to ship those products to China. You could call it a rush to control world agricultural assets, or maybe even a food war.

China’s acquisition appetite also includes semiconductors.

China plans to convert its Treasury bond holdings into U.S. real estate assets.

A look at Monsanto’s product line-up offers a dozen reasons to boycott this company, if we can’t just shut it down. (more…)

News July 12, 2016

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Most scientists do not believe that global warming is a danger.

Hat tip 1000frolly.

Watch the socialist controllers snicker when Obama mentions climate change. They really put one over on you.

Hat tip In Honor of Thomas Paine.

We have long admired the work of John Kominsky. John has a post at Philosopher’s Stone that ranges from depopulation to vaccines to transgenders. Always worth a read.

Natural News summarizes recent health frauds.

A New Age channeler figures out the messages were coming from the government, not the Intergalactic Federation.

An internal audit of the World Health Organization has revealed lots more fraud fraud fraud. The United Nations set up investigative committees that reported on fraud and corruption in the UN, but they never punished any of the offenders. Global governing agencies are criminal enterprises, so you shouldn’t be surprised when socialists turn out to be crooks.

Apple’s next iPhone will track your sexual activity. For now, it’s voluntary.

Inside the pedophile ring at the British Broadcasting Company.

The effects of legalizing gay marriage in Massachusetts. Pervs gone wild.

UN appoints transgender czar. Just what the world needs.

Michael Obama steps up as front man for Monsanto to get little kids to eat gmos.

Big Pharma is attacking the vitamin supplement industry.

Big Picture News is a Canadian website that keeps an eye on the climate hustlers.


Inside Operation Indigo Skyfold.

How sensitivity training (Communist brainwashing) went global.

What the global depopulation program hath wrought:

China bans females from interracial marriage.

“China is now faced with a shocking gender imbalance – for every girl below the age of 18 in China, there are now three boys.”

But we don’t hear any apologies from the depopulation industry.

How Germany is brainwashing its girls to become Muslim mommies.


If you don’t know about Theranos, you probably should.

Italians have formed a group called Defend Our Children to protect kids from liberal gender perverts.

No one has formed a group to defend women from sexual abuse by doctors.

Depopulation news, July 3, 2016

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Al fin next level looks a demographic statistics in Russia, China, and the United States and reports that “the world is being overturned” —if you were expecting population to keep on growing in the developed world. This population decline is an old story at this point, but Al fin has nice graphs and examines social implications, such as lower economic growth and stressful times for educational institutions. More Al fin demographics in Related Stories at the end of the post.

The New York Times has decided to stop scaring people about overpopulation, but the United Nations wants to pressure the unelected G7 supercommittee into pushing for more abortion.

During the French Revolution, Robispierre pored over local census lists to decide who was surplus population to be sent to the guillotine. How does Obama decide whom to kill?

Hat tip Lissa’s Human Life.

Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Sector is a watchdog report on how corruption in Big Pharma, particularly in research studies, ends with poor people taking degraded and useless medicines.

The folks who believe in global warming often have free reign to experiment with nature. Natural News exposes one series of experiments, called iron dumping, and the toxic results.

Vaccine makers are exempt from lawsuits, so your government pays for lawsuit losses. That means, you pay. Pretty clever, eh?

9 vaccines you don’t need.

How to find a doctor who will support vaccine choice.

Matt Ridley surveys phony climate-change claims and notices that crappy science is well-funded by the hysterical totalitarian Left. The Max Planck Institute in Germany has put a little pin the in CO2 warming balloon, and comparison of data with models reveals (surprise) false models.

WattsUp summarizes recent research into sea-level rise: a little sea-level rise is normal, but there is zero acceleration of sea level rise. The UN still plans to transfer your wealth to the Third World and kill a lot of babies.

Brazil refuses to import any U.S. gmos.

Fast food companies are spying on their customers.

Tom Blumer looks into EPA employee scandals and finds perverts, poor managers, liars, thieves, psychopaths, what you would expect from an Obama bureaucracy.

Why the EPA is raising its own private army. Mainly, to intimidate farmers. Actually many of Obama’s government agencies are arming themselves heavily, just in case the people figure out the socialist scam and think about fighting back.

Germany’s Green Revolution (renewable energy subsidized by billions of euros of taxpayer subsidies) has resulted in, uh, wait, . . . nothing. Well, it’s definitely something to the slick operators who got the checks for the government subsidies.

As the temperatures rose to unbearable levels over the decades, we kind of burned out on claims of global warming, but if you’re still interested in how fraud operates on the Left, you can have a look at a documentary called The Global Warming War. We’ll pass, thanks, more interesting lies have caught our attention.

CFR member, Lester Brown, heads up another think tank called the Worldwatch Institute. In the Institute’s annual report, entitled State of the World 1991, Brown said that “the battle to save the planet will replace the battle over ideology as the organizing theme of the new world order.”

9/11 New World Order is carrying a long piece on Agenda 21. It starts out slow, with the usual general comments, but it gets more interesting toward the middle with an eyewitness report on Communism, which is what Agenda 21 is, and a review of the Report from Iron Mountain, which is sort of an environmentalist Communist Manifesto.

Agenda 21 is incredibly detailed about what they are doing to us. The general outcome will be Communist slavery:

“It is entirely possible that the development of a sophisticated form of slavery may be an absolute prerequisite for social control in a world at peace.”

That statement sums up the agenda of the Left as well as anything we’ve found. You can throw out the “peace” part because the Left always divides into fanatical factions and purges anyone who challenges power.

The National Academy of Sciences has released a report on gmos, concluding that gm crops have resulted in pesticide-resistant insects and herbicide-resistant superweeds. But we don’t expect anything to come of it. Big profits and global control are at stake, so the industry isn’t going to say “we’re sorry and we’ll stop.”


Testing of glyphosate levels in Europe shows alarming levels of this cancer-causing weed-killer: 100 percent in subjects tested in Portugal.

Natural News is doing what the Environmental Protection Agency won’t do, test local water supplies. And you don’t even have to pay taxes to Natural News. Socialist bureaucracies aren’t there to protect your health, silly, they are there to take your money and control you.

If you want to screw all of humanity, you can join the UN or the Democratic Party. If you just want to screw your local community, you can join ICLIE.

139 quotes from world leaders on the New World Order.


The Communist genocides

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The Communist genocides were one of the main methods of reducing population in the twentieth century. This subject is rarely reported or discussed, so we are pleased to discover a post at Historian on the Warpath that attempts to estimate the total number of murders. One major omission: Tibet, where the Communist Chinese genocide against the Tibetans is ongoing.