Look up! What in the World Are They Spraying?

Posted By on October 8, 2015

Hat tip Lady ThreeFiftyFive at YouTube.

Agenda 21 updates

Posted By on September 25, 2015

We haven’t written much about Agenda 21. It’s a social engineering plan from the United Nations designed to brainwash the sheeple and prepare them for life in the socialist prison camp. The sheeple will be forced to obey certain “green” mandates, speech codes, and other politically correct Marxist mandates. Here are some updates.

From grindall61 at YouTube.

From grindall61 at YouTube.

From grindall61 at YouTube.

More reporting on Agenda 21 at



New American

Climate engineering is depopulation

Posted By on September 23, 2015

Dane Wiggington, Geoengineering and the Collapse of Earth, 2014. Sorry we don’t have photos and slides. He does. This is the best presentation on the geoengineering and climate change conspiracy that you will see.

More geoengineering video links at Unhived Mind.


Dr. Ben Carson lied about vaccine safety

Posted By on September 19, 2015

In the second Republican debate, Sept. 17, 2015, televised on CNN, Dr. Ben Carson asserted that vaccinations do not cause autism, stating that the studies showed “100 percent proof.” Not true. Of course, he might just not be familiar with the research. But he sounded absolutely sure of himself. “Thousands of studies prove there is no relation between vaccines and autism.” Not so fast. There is a literature on the subject. And, there are not thousands of studies. Autism sufferers have been awarded damages linked to vaccines. The U.S. medical establishment belief that there is no connection between vaccines and autism really hangs on a single study that was discredited but has been replicated overseas.

The details of this story are important and a little bit complicated. It has to do with the research of Dr. Andrew Wakefield that there was a connection between autism and the age of vaccination with MMR. The video at this link explains the CDC coverup.

Ben Carson a representative of Big Pharma, and more interesting stuff.

Why would Ben Carson support mandatory vaccination?

Rand Paul’s debate statement. Why are conservatives worried about vaccines whereas liberals favor mandatory vaccination? Hint: Liberals are very keen on depopulation, and vaccines are silent killers.

Italian court rules vaccine caused autism, awards damages. The science is not settled that there is no link between vaccines and autism. Why are our medical authorities at the Centers for Disease Control so keen to disparage anyone who thinks this is a subject open for investigation?

A book on vaccine research fraud by Dr. William Thompson exposing fraud at the CDC.

A more balanced view, and rejection of the view that Dr. Wakefield’s research on the vaccine/autism connection was disproven. Be careful about false authorities politicizing opinions about vaccines. This is a complex subject.

More information on the dangers of chemtrail spraying and vaccines related to autism at Geoengineering watch.

Source: Weston A. Price Foundation

23 seniors died after receiving flu shot sold by pharmacies. But they still want to make flu shots mandatory. Why? (more…)

The restless days of August, 2015

Posted By on August 24, 2015

Obama’s Executive Order 13603 gives the federal government control over all water supplies, food supplies, all energy sources, all transportation devices, and all health supplies and medical devices. This is authority to seize private assets and withhold them from the public market. This is the Bolshevik command and control economy the socialists aspire to. We have seen this evil socialist dictatorship before, in the Soviet Union and in China. Control over all resources is the essence of the martial law regime. Plan accordingly.

“Four scathing federal studies, including two by Congress, one by the U.S. Senate, and one by the HHS Inspector General, paint CDC as a cesspool of corruption, mismanagement and dysfunction with alarming conflicts of interest suborning its research, regulatory and policymaking functions.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has joined the chorus of warning about vaccines with the publication of his article, Children at Risk — Vaccines, Government, and Big Pharma’s Dirty Money as an ad in the newspaper USA Today. Kennedy reports that pharmaceutical companies have at least 271 new vaccines under development, though the actual number may be much higher.

Christina England at Activist Post has more discussion on organizations devoted to distributing and testing these new vaccines. Yes, the ghoulish population reducer Bill Gates is involved.

Background on Kennedy’s crusade at the Washington Post.

Sayer Ji at Sleuth Journal wants us to wise up to the gmo/vaccination connection.

UK doctor explains her opposition to vaccinations.

While you’re there, catch the summary post on Obama’s support for global population control through the UN Population Fund.

Chipotle bans gmos. Campbell’s to offer gmo-free line. Scotland bans gmos.

Find non-gmo food sources.

Catastrophe developing in the Pacific Northwest: wild salmon may go extinct. This is Fukushima related.

Why the Commie Jews have stopped trying to slander Hitler as a homosexual, and other observations from Brenton Sanderson at Occidental Observer.

The UN and its associated Illuminati will continue to push their global warming agenda, but the public doesn’t give a damn about it.

Joachim Hagoplan discusses the globalists’ hard kill and soft kill population reduction methods at Global Research.

The Illuminati “blue card” plan to import 50 million from Africa into Europe.

In the U.S., sanctuary cities have released over 17,000 murderers, rapists, and drug dealers back into the civilian population. Opposition to sanctuary cities in Washington, D.C. is not going over well. They want us to continue to suffer.

How HAARP bursts and chemtrails create the California drought. Hat tip The HAARP Report at You-Tube.

Jim Marrs has a new book out on population control. We don’t plan to read it as we think we understand the depopulation plan, but Jim is a good guy and you can check him out here.

U.S. has the highest rate of child abuse of any country in the world.

Secure the Republic/Secure Arkansas is leading the fight against fluoridation of water supplies. Tune in and get involved at their website.

As your world turned, July 26, 2015

Posted By on July 26, 2015

Mad scientists in China genetically modify cows. Problem: most of the cows died. Evil stuff. It’s going to be an impossible challenge to stop genetic modification of plants and animals.

Geoengineering watch will present to the public in northern California on August 14. By the way, even the useful idiots at Commie public TV are catching on to geoengineering.

House Agricultural Committee approves bill  banning gmo labeling. This bill will likely become law. You’ll have to discipline your boycott of corporate food to guard your health.

Over 400 Companies That Don’t Use GMOs. (more…)